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Military Schools in Vietnam

How many Vietnamese military academies are there?

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  • Le Quy Don Technical University

    Established: 1966 Hanoi

    Le Quy Don Technical University or Le Quy Don University of Science and Technology (Vietnamese: Đại học Kỹ thuật L㪠Qu㽠Đã´n), founded 1966, is one of the largest technical universities in Vietnam which offers ...

  • Vietnam Naval Academy

    Established: 1955 Nha Trang

    Vietnam Naval Academy (Vietnamese: Học viện Hải Quan Việt Nam) is one of Vietnamese military academies belongs to Vietnam People's Navy for training naval commanding officers in division level and commanding staffs in tactical/campaign level, ...


Also in Vietnam

  • National Defense Academy of Vietnam
  • Vietnam Military Academy, Dalat
  • Vietnam Military Political Academy
  • Vietnam Air and Air Defense Forces Academy
  • Border Defense Force Academy
  • Military Academy of Logistics
  • Military Science Academy
  • Vietnam Military Medical Academy
  • Vietnam Coast Guard Academy
  • Tran Quoc Tuan Military University
  • Nguyen Hue Military University
  • Military Political University
  • Artillery Officers' School
  • School of Chemistry Officer
  • School of Information Officer
  • Army Engineers Officer School
  • Army Armor Branch Officer School
  • Tran Dai Nghia University
  • University of Military Culture and Arts
  • Vietnam Air Force Officer School
  • College of National Military Industry


You may also want to consider therapeutic schools, boys homestherapeutic boarding schools , schools for troubled teensboarding schools or boarding schools, because military schools are generally not designed for troubled teens. Military schools offer young men the ability to develop academically, personally, and socially into a confident and prepared leader. But military schools are not always the right choice for every young man. While military schools offer structure, and academic and athletic discipline in a controlled and monitored environment, military school is not intended to act as a rehabilitation program. And military schools do not offer the type of behavior counseling support needed to properly rehabilitate troubled young men with criminal pasts who need to reform their belief systems and their conduct. Military schools are looking for young men who want to prepare themselves for a future in a collegiate, military, or professional setting.