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  • A global directory of military academies and schools -- university-level education for military personnel (not secondary schools). Covers over 500 such institutions in 133 countries. We list academies throuhout the world, without prejudice or promotion, to aid in the pursuit of knowledge. This directory is not a recruitment tool.

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You may also want to consider boarding schools for troubled youth or boarding schools for behavior or therapeutic programs or residential schools for troubled teens or boys boarding schools, because military schools are generally not designed for troubled teens. Military schools develop individuals academically, personally, and socially into confident and prepared leaders. A military academy or service academy (in the United States) is an educational institution which prepares candidates for service in the officer corps. It normally provides education in a military environment, the exact definition depending on the country concerned. Academies prepare cadets for commissioning into the armed services. There are two types of military academies: national and state/private-run. Graduates from national academies are typically commissioned as officers in the country’s military. The new officers usually have an obligation to serve for a certain number of years. In some countries all military officers train at the appropriate academy, whereas in others only a percentage do and the service academies are seen as institutions that supply service-specific officers within the armed forces.