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Military Schools in Venezuela

How many Venezuelan military academies are there?

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  • Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela

    Established: 1810 Caracas

    The Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela (in Spanish Universidad Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela and formerly Academia Militar de Venezuela), was founded in 1810. It is located in Caracas, Venezuela and provides a four-year program of ...

  • Military Academy of the Bolivarian Army

    Established: 1810 Caracas

    The Military Academy of the Bolivarian Army (in Spanish Academia Militar del Ejército Bolivariano), is an academy to train members of the officer corps of the National Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It ...


Also in Venezuela

  • Military Academy of the Army (Caracas, Capital District)
  • Military Academy of the Navy (Catia La Mar, Vargas State)
  • Air Force Academy (Maracay, Aragua State)
  • National Guard Academy (Caracas, Capital District)
  • Military Technical Academy (Maracay, Aragua State)
  • Troop Officers Military College (Charallave, Miranda State)
  • Military Health Sciences Academy (Caracas, Capital District)
  • Military Medical Academy (Caracas, Capital District)
  • Army Infantry School General-in-Chief Rafael Urdaneta
  • Army Cavalry and Armor School Major General Juan Guillermo Iribarren
  • Army Artillery School Colonel Diego Jalón
  • Army Logistics School Brigadier General José Gabriel Pérez
  • Army Military Engineering School Brigadier General Francisco Jacot
  • Naval Tactical Studies School
  • Air Power College
  • Internal Security Studies School
  • Armed Forces School of Intelligence Brigadier General Daniel Florence O'Leary
  • National Armed Forces College of Military Communications, Electronics and Information Technology (Instituto
  • Universitario Militar de Comunicaciones, Electrónica y Informatica de la Fuerza Armada Nacional, IUMCOELIFA)
  • Languages College of the National Armed Forces Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda
  • National Defense Advanced Studies Institute Grand Marshal of Ayacucho Anthonio Jose de Sucre (Instituto de Altos
  • Estudios de la Defensa Nacional, IAEDEN)
  • National Armed Forces War College Liberator Simón Bolã­var
  • National Experimental University of the Armed Forces


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