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Military Schools in Malta

How many Maltan military academies are there?

Basic military training for recruits lasts 18 weeks run by an experienced cadre of instructors selected for their experience, knowledge, qualifications and ability to instruct. You will be trained by qualified instructors professionally trained in military training academies. AFM training instructors boast a tradition of excellence in established training academies in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and the United States.Any recruit will go through a strict regime of physical training, drill, and skill at arms. Coursework would take up to five months and will set any recruit on his or her military career.

In addition to basic military training, an Officer Cadet is exposed to other subjects and coursework if exceptional standards are met. Other subjects will give the cadet necessary knowledge and training to enable him or her to lead once commissioned.

The cadetship will prepare any cadet to travel overseas and broaden their studies in world renowned academies such as the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (UK), the Britannia Royal Naval College (UK), the Army Centre of Excellence at Fort Benning (US), the Irish Defence Force Academy(Ireland) and the Livorno Naval Academy (Italy).

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  • Britannia Royal Naval College

    Established: 1863 HMS Dartmouth

    Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), commonly known simply as Dartmouth, is the initial officer training establishment of the British Royal Navy, located on a hill overlooking Dartmouth, Devon, England.

  • Italian Naval Academy

    Established: 1881 Livorno

    The Italian Naval Academy (Italian: Accademia Navale) is a coeducational military university in Livorno, which is responsible for the technical training of military officers of the Italian Navy.

  • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

    Established: 1947 Sandhurst

    The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), commonly known simply as Sandhurst, is the British Army's initial officer training centre and is located near the village of Sandhurst.

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