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Military Schools in Albania

How many Albanian military academies are there?

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  • Skanderbeg Military University

    Established: 1945/1995 Tirana

    Skanderbeg Military University is a military academy in Albania. It was formed in 1945 as "Shkolla e Oficerëve" and closed in the early '90s. It was reopened in 2003.

Also in Albania

  • Qendrës së Simulimit / Simulation Center
  • Shkolla e Trupës / Troop School
  • Qendra e Doktrines dhe Kerkimeve / Doctrine and Research Center
  • Akademia e Nenoficerave "Thomson" / NCO Academy "Thomson"
  • Akademia e Forcave të Armatosura / Academy of the Armed Forces


You may also want to consider troubled youth programs, therapeutic schoolsaffordable Christian boarding schools , boarding high schoolsChristian boarding schools or Christian boarding schools for boys, because military schools are generally not designed for troubled teens. Military schools offer young men the ability to develop academically, personally, and socially into a confident and prepared leader. But military schools are not always the right choice for every young man. While military schools offer structure, and academic and athletic discipline in a controlled and monitored environment, military school is not intended to act as a rehabilitation program. And military schools do not offer the type of behavior counseling support needed to properly rehabilitate troubled young men with criminal pasts who need to reform their belief systems and their conduct. Military schools are looking for young men who want to prepare themselves for a future in a collegiate, military, or professional setting.